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Watering cans from 1.5L TO 12L
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Watering can 1.5ltr Orange colour
  • Watering can 1.5ltr Orange colour
  • Watering can 1.5ltr lime colour
  • Watering can Pink Pinocchio 2ltr
  • Watering can 2ltr Green colour
  • Watering can 2ltr Blue colour
  • Watering can 4ltr Yellow colour
  • Watering can 4ltr Green colour
  • Watering can 5ltr Light Green colour
  • Watering can 6ltr Blue colour
  • Watering can 9ltr Red colour
  • Watering can 12ltr Lime colour


Price: €2.60

A Watering can is an item that is used in the Gardening skill to water vegetables and flowers as well as potted tree seeds, but not other farming patches.

Watering a patch will decrease it's possibility of disease for one growing stage. If players have fully-grown flowers protecting the surrounding vegetables, they do not need to water those vegetables. This is a better alternative than spending money and using inventory space for plant cure. 

It can hold up to 8 doses of water. After players use them up, they will need to refill it at any water source, such as sinks, waterpumps, and even from wells after an update. 

Players can also transfer water from one watering can to another by using one on the other. If a watering can has 3 doses and it is used on one that has 4 doses, the player will end up with an empty watering can and a watering can with 7 doses. A bucket of water can also be used to fully fill a watering can.

Watering a patch has no overall impact on volume of field, it only serves to protect a patch from disease for one stage of growth. While it is not necessary for farming patches to create produce, watering potted tree seeds is required in order for the seed to sprout into a seedling.

Items may be substituted if not in season or unavailable. Substitution will be equivalent to value and quality. Item supplied may vary from picture provided.

Our flowers may arrive unopened but the buds will come into bloom within a day or two.

In the rare event that a substitution is necessary through flower supply difficulties, we may substitute with flowers of similar or superior style, quality and value.

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