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The Aspidistra is a popular foliage house plant. It’s very tough so it doesn’t require intensive care. This leathery plant is mainly kept for its beautiful foliage. It’s a great houseplant for cooler areas of your house. With these plants, you can have a bit of tropical charm inside your home.

The Aspidistra is an old favorite: it was one of the most popular plants during the Victorian era, along with the Kentia palm. These plants were great for Victorian houses – these houses were not really bright and airy so they required tough plants.


As stated above, the Aspidistra is a tough plant. It doesn’t require much light or perfect aeration. In addition to this, it can tolerate many other unfavorable conditions:

  • Dust. It will not only tolerate dust but also cold, heat, wet soil, drought and dimply lighted places.
  • Neglect. The Aspidistra can readily tolerate general neglect, so it’s a great plant for beginner gardeners.
  • Low temperatures. This plant can tolerate low temperatures well, without any injury to the foliage.
  • Low light levels. The Aspidistra can tolerate light as low as 10 foot candles.
  • In addition to this, the Aspidistra makes a great addition to any cut flower arrangement since its foliage can last for weeks, pest and disease free.

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