Live Christmas Tree - 250cm- Abies Picea
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Price: €190.00

--Christmas Trees are processed by order and will be available from the last week of November onwards--
--Delivery & Labour costs are included in the price-- 
--The package also includes pots,underplates and soil, if these additions aren't neccessary you are kindly requested to place your order by phone and a reduced price will be offered-- 

Are you tired of your aging, scentless, plastic, artificial Christmas tree? Want to do something that is great for the environment… and for your soul? Why not put up a real Christmas tree this year. The use of potted living Christmas trees is becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. Derek Garden Centre  provides free delivery of the best quality, real Christmas trees to your home or office anywhere on the Island. We carefully select every Christmas tree for health, symmetry, taper, density, needle retention, and a deep, rich, natural color.

live Christmas tree is a beautiful symbol of the life and joy of the holiday season. This year, consider bringing home a live tree to share your home during the holiday and plant it outdoors to enjoy a reminder of its special meaning for your family.

Live Christmas trees can be purchased at our shop. Choose one you like and bring it home. Remember that the wrapped root ball will add more height than a cut tree, and it's likely to be much heavier. A smaller live tree may be a more convenient option for bringing into the house.

Live trees are meant to be outside, so don't display the tree indoors for too long during the holiday. It's maximum time in the house should be no longer than 10 days. Be sure to keep it away from fireplaces or heat registers and water it daily.

Plus we deliver it to your door

Living trees produce oxygen and suck up carbon dioxide, helping to mitigate global warming. They also last for years (if you can keep them alive), and you don’t have to kill a tree in order to decorate your house for a week but still get that ‘cut tree’ look and smell. The downside to live Xmas trees is that they are usually pretty small, and its hard to keep many varieties alive indoors when they’ve been inside in a heated environment for more than 10 days.

Here's what to look for in a living Christmas tree

Ideally, look for an organic tree because the environmental costs of growing organically are far more sustainable.

Don't buy a living Christmas tree which has been stored inside a heated garden centre as it is less likely to keep in good condition indoors for any length of time.

Make sure that the needles are in good condition and are not already starting to drop in any quantity. Avoid Christmas trees with bare patches or poorly distributed branches. Buy a Christmas tree which looks bright and lively.

If you are looking for an excuse to buy something exotic for your garden and think that it could double up as a living Christmas tree, be careful to check that it is hardy enough to withstand temperature changes.

Here's how to keep your Christmas tree alive

If your new Christmas tree is in its own pot, then you need only make sure that it is well watered and that there is enough potting mix in the tub. If you have time and space, put it in a cool out-house for two or three days to bridge the gap between the chilly outside world and the warmth inside your home. 

Bare-rooted trees

If you buy a Xmas tree with bare roots you will need to pot it up straight away. Make sure that the pot you choose is ample and has good drainage holes. Fill the bottom of the pot with a few old crocks to help excess water to drain away. Place the tree in the pot, tucking in any stray rootlets and carefully fill it with a good quality potting mixture. Tamp down the compost until the roots are securely supported and in contact with the soil.

Water your living Christmas tree immediately and copiously and let it drain freely. Check that the tree is well bedded into the potting mix and put it out in a shed for a couple of days to acclimatise.

Outdoor Christmas trees need no special treatment, provided that they have not been stood in the warm while waiting to be sold. If you are planning to display your Xmas tree outside, just make sure that the root ball is well seated in the pot and that the compost remains damp. Site it where it is unlikely to suffer wind damage or water-logging.

Daily watering

  • Your living Christmas tree will stand a far greater chance of staying a living Christmas tree if you water it daily 
  • It should be stood in the coolest part of your room or hallway (not next to a radiator or near a heat source). Place it in a deep tray or tub so that excess water (and soil) does not damage your flooring.
  • Water all around the base of the tree trunk each time. Most trees will need at least a litre of water or more, depending on the size.
  • Don't let your tree stand in a puddle of water for days.
  • Keep all electric lights well away from any water.

Follow these tips, and keep your tree healthy throughout the New Year, too!

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