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We welcome you to our completed projects as follows.

Enjoy it. 

Ramla Bay Hotel

The Ramla Bay Resort is a prestigous insitution in the North of Malta, It was our pleasure to furnish the indoor atrium with a host of various plants and other vegetation.

Atriums in themselves pose a unique set of challenges due to the partcular climate conditions present in the space, however when completed this room became a unique focal point, bringing sunlight and nature to this indoor environment.

The selection of plants used in this particular project included schefflera, Kentia Palms as well as Alocasias (sometimes referred to as 'elephant ears').

After the process of planting was completed, we then proceeded to level out the soil and place a weedmat over the area and cover it with our Bark Chips of choice, this compliments our selection of plants well as it goves the soil a very rich and dark look. The Bark Chip mulch itself also provides many benefits for the plants themselves as they help the soil retain moisture and create a favorable environment for earthworms and soil microorganisms which over time help reduce soil compaction.